Visitors Registration (“Reception”) – the module is designed for registration, statistics collection, registration of visits, distribution of name cards and many other tasks. Different search systems allow finding the client in the casino database within the shortest period of time. By means of video camera and scanner you can easily make a picture of the client and the scanned picture of his documents.
Tracking of Clients’ Results – the module allowing to track the client real-time and to review the games history of the players for any required period of time (drop, games results, average stake). Close integration with the program “Casino Cash” allows collecting and analyzing all the financial information about the client. Quick search for clients in the casino database by different criteria and automatic calculation of the results, as well as calculation of clients’ bonuses based on the games results
Desk Results Registration («Desk Statistics» - The module allowing to fix all the games results for all the casino desks. Automatic calculation of results for the whole casino and each pit separately. Automatic display of credits/fills.
Casino Cash (“Cash”) – the module allowing to fulfill the total control over all the financial operations and flow of funds within any required period of time. Automatic reports generation concerning all the values in the cash and balance operations. Automatic information transfer to the pit (clients’ exchange fills/credits, tables opening/closure). Module options allow easily customize the program in compliance with the order set up in each casino individually.
Casino Manager (“Manager”) — the module allowing to fulfill the total control and analysis of casino functioning. Automatic generation of different reports Statistical and analytical information about the cleints and the staff of your casino. Wide range of search criteria. Interface convenience and functionality allows easy usage of the program and receive all the necessary information for successful management of the casino.
Personnel Management («Personnel Management») – The module allowing to track the database of casino personnel, personal data collection and other additional information).
Client’s Detailed information (“Detailed Information”) – the module designed as the center of information collection concerning the client: his features, friends, visits, games results and other additional information.
Photo and Features Search (“Photo Search”) – the module is located almost in any application and allows to find the client’s photo within the shortest period of time by means of his features indication if needed.
Bonus Taking Off (“Service”) – the module allowing to take off the bonuses accumulated by the client according to the game results for the services disposed to the client (meals or taxi).
Parking Management (“Parking”) – the module allowing to track the database of the clients’ cars, give to the clients different statuses of the parking places allowed. Module options allow to find the client using his car features.
Clients’ Access Management (“Roles and Accesses”) –the module is designed for entitling the right for the access to programme functions usage. By means  of this module you can easily track the access of any casino employee to the information or possibility of any actions fulfillment.
Reports generation (“Reports”) – the module is meant for generation of reports that are of any complexity and target level in compliance with previously generated patterns. The possibility of your own reports generation exists in case of which software developers technical support is not needed.
Indoor Control and Access Management – the module is designed for control and limitation of access for different staff categories to the buildings, specially defined zones as well as within the territory belonging to the owners of the identifiers, as well as for the control of transport access to the territory control.
Access regulation is provided on the basis of access limits (access zones and period of time within which access is whether allowed or prohibited) that are specified for each identifier.
Casino Management System “Euro Management” Peculiarities:
In “Euro Management” system Client-Server structure is used: all the operations in the database are fulfilled on the server so the errors on WKS have no influence on them. All the data are kept on the server only, WKSs are just displaying information.
In “Euro Management” system biometric client’s identification is used – a new method of authenticity identification by means of human individual biologic parameter – fingerprints. It has a significant advantage as it allows refusing from passwords
In “Euro Management” system constant data encryption with “AES 256” (Advanced Data Encryption Standard) algorithm is used.
Data in the tables located on the server are encrypted that provides their safe keeping even in case of standard equipment usage.